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Each KIS gives core information on an aspect of NGO management, in an easy-to-digest format. 3pp. PDF.
KIS1: Networking
KIS2: Focus Group Discussions
KIS3: Conflict Matters (also in Arabic)
KIS4: Advocacy (also in Arabic)


pdf KIS 1 "Networking" (.pdf) (4214 downloads) Popular
pdf KIS 2 "Focus Group Discussions" (.pdf) (6602 downloads) Popular
pdf KIS 3 "Conflict Matters" (.pdf) (2153 downloads) Popular
pdf KIS 3 "Conflict Matters" [Arabic] (.pdf) (2282 downloads) Popular
pdf KIS 4 "Advocacy" (.pdf) (2753 downloads) Popular
pdf KIS 4 "Advocacy" [Arabic] (.pdf) (1565 downloads) Popular

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