Essential manual for refugees to Northern Europe

We recently made a manual folder Finding Mental Health after Conflict, which focused on Developing Countries. Then we were contacted by a new colleague originally from Sudan, who was interested in working with us. Mubarak has gone through thirty years of asylum-seeking, living in camps, then adapting to life in the Netherlands. In consequence, he had already started on a manual for asylum seekers and refugees in Northern Europe. It contains information about the legislation that affects them and the issues – practical, psychological and cultural – with which they may have to deal. Primarily intended for people like himself from MENA, it is hoped it will be useful for refugees from other areas.

refugees-NEuroperefugees-NEurope ArabicNow in both English and Arabic: folder Refugees from MENA to Northern Europe: Pressures & Solutions

As a side-product, Mubarak would like to put together a list of doctors and psychologists in Northern Europe who have the skills and knowledge really to help refugees. Do you know anybody good? If so, let us know.

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