Successful leadership in the aid sector in South Asia

OBU survey 300pxLeadership in the aid sector is often challenged for not being effective enough. A survey by networklearning contributor Adi Walker, undertaken with Oxford Brookes University, seeks to illuminate what could create more successful leadership in International Humanitarian and Development Organisations (IHDOs).

Are you an IHDO leader working in India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, or at their IHDO Headquarters – or can you refer a relevant colleague to participate in this survey?

Your professional opinion, experiences and contributions are of great value and importance for this research, and consequently for the humanitarian and development aid sector.

The survey takes no more than 20 minutes. You may request to receive the final results. The final PhD thesis will be published online and in international journals for leaders in the aid sector, IHDOs, and academics, for both practical and theoretical application. Sincere thanks in advance for your support in this process.

» The Survey has now closed. We will share results when available

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