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A migrant’s journey from Somaliland to the Mediterranean

Waa socdaalkii tahriibka ee Somaliland ilaa badda Medhitereeniyanka

This narrative – presented in English and in Somali on facing pages – is a first-hand account of the experiences of a young man from Somaliland who went on tahriib. Tahriib is an Arabic word referring to a form of unregulated emigration which involves a large number of young Somali men and women who leave for Europe via Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya, and thence across the Mediterranean Sea.

Sheekadani waa waraysigii ugu horreeyay ee ku saabsan waayo aragnimadii wiil dhallinyaro ah oo reer Somaliland oo taahriibay. Tahriib, waa eray af-carbeed ah oo macnihiisu u taaganyahay hab cusub oo soo badanaya oo socdaal aan sharci ahayn ah oo ay galaan tiro badan oo dhallinyaro Soomaali ah oo rag iyo dumarba leh oo u socdaalaya Yurub iyaga oo sii dhex maraya Itoobiya, Suudaan, iyo Liibiya kamadanbaytana ka tallaabaya badda Midhatareninaynka.

The author was born in Erigavo in 1987. After several failed attempts to migrate to Europe as a teenager, he returned home to Somaliland, where he attends university and advises young people against migrating.

Madasha Dooxada Rift waa madal lagu falanqeeyo doodaha muhiimka ah ee siyaasadda, dhaqaalaha, iyo arimaha bulshada ee Geeska Afrika, Bariga iyo Bartamaha Afrika, Suudaan iyo Suudaanta Koonfureed.

By Mohamed Hussein Geeldoon

Published in October 2016 by the Rift Valley Institute – working in Eastern and Central Africa to bring local knowledge to bear on social, political and economic development.

Creative Commons license: www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0

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