Indian Women's Development Society

Indian Women’s Development Society

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Indian Women’s Development Society (IWDS) is a non-profit NGO set up in 1995, with the basic objective of empowering the disempowered people of Tripura, India at grass roots level.

In 2007-08, despite the financial crunch, IWDS has been able to increase its programmes and activities. At the same time our organisation has been rigorously inspected and evaluated by different government and non-Government agencies in quick succession, exerting a healthy impact on organizational functioning.

The Organization is well-equipped with required infrastructure, including office equipment, an efficient management composed of experienced personalities in multiple fields of welfare and development, and dedicated and eminent social workers.

IWDS is registered under the Indian Societies registration Act, 1860.


Our vision is a uniform yet speedy pace of development for women throughout our culturally and geophysically diverse State. To materialize this, IWDS provides dedicated benevolent services – welfare, beneficial and developmental – for the people of the State, regardless of their caste, creed or colour.
The target groups for our welfare activities and awareness programmes are the educationally and economically weak: poor and destitute people, misled youth and others whose needs are not covered by the State.


Radical changes have been taking place in India – in the financial sector, in the development sector, and – most visibly – in IT and telecommunications. Rapid growth in these fields has created significant wealth for the country – but also economic disparity and growing popular dissatisfaction, since good mechanisms for the equitable distribution of this wealth are lacking. The task before us is to identify those who are less privileged, deprived of eligible opportunities and who have needs unmet by the State's social development programmes.

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Working Office:
Datta Residence, Ist floor, Near Govt. Press, Agartala, Tripura(w), Pin: 799003

Chief Executive:

Ms. Papri Haldar

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Type of NGO


Non-political and non-profit

Type of registration:
State Level Voluntary Social Welfare Organization

Area of operation

Tripura State, India