Health & PHC

Health & PHC

Health & PHCThis category is mainly about Health Services and the delivery of Health Care. However, it must be acknowledged that in much of the world, good health is only partly to do with health services: one-fifth of the world’s people have hardly any access to the health sector.

Rather, poor health is strongly related to poverty. One-fifth of the world is living in the absolute poverty defined as having less than one dollar per person per day. One quarter have no access to clean drinking water. 190 million children suffer from chronic malnutrition, which affects their physical and mental development – and the potential contribution they can make for their country.

So improving the health of a country does not lie only with the health sector. It lies with better water and sanitation, better food on plates – and jobs and crops to put the food there. It also lies with better education of future mothers.

Nevertheless the health sector plays an important role, which can grow in effectiveness at the level of the community.

Primary Health Care: Library Manuals


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