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Gender‘For every woman who takes a step toward her own liberation, There is a man who finds that the way to freedom has been made a little easier’

Being a man or a woman is quite different in a number of cultures. The position of men and women in society is the result of differences that are socially determined. To distinguish these differences from the biological ones, the word gender is used. Sexual differences are the same across the world. Sex is a fact of human biology: gender is not.

People themselves define certain behaviours and qualities as being masculine or feminine and identify activities as being appropriate for men or women in a specific society. As a result of gender differences, women and men have different roles and experiences in life and their knowledge, perspective, priorities and needs are not the same.

In order to respond to the needs and priorities of men and women in an equal way, it is important to consider specific gender aspects and perspectives when developing projects and/or programmes.

Have a look at the basics of gender and all the domains where gender plays a role.

Gender: The Basics

• Access to Resources • Analysis • Awareness • Disaggregated Data • Equality • Mainstreaming • Policy Development • Training

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Gender: Library Manuals

ImageThe following relevant books are available for download from this site: 

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Gender: Other Issues

• Culture • Disability • Education • Governance • Health • Human Rights • ICT • Livelihood • Media • Millennium • Peace • Refugees & IDPs • Water • Work

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Gender: General Resources

ResourcesLinks to other organisations' materials that provide general info as well as specific subject info and/ or newsletters are:

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