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Links to other organisations' materials:

'Financial management for emergencies – a survival guide for humanitarian programme managers' is a website that can be downloaded as a single file for viewing offline, designed to ensure that you have:
• A useful budget
• Good relationships with donors
• Enough cash
• The right finance staff
• Systems to record where money is coming from and going to
• Systems to control how money is used

The International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) has resources including a book, available free as a pdf: Growing the Sheltering Tree: Protecting Rights through Humanitarian Action” (250pp). This is a big document but strongly recommended.

UNHCR is the leading UN agency in this field. Their website has articles on refugee protection, the relationship with partner organisations etc. They have developed a “minimum package of reproductive health in crisis situations”. Type “RH in crisis situations” into the search slot and look for "Reproductive Health in Refugee Situations: An Inter Agency Field Manual".

Oxfam does good work in this field. See their section on Conflict & Natural Disasters

The Red Cross is also involved and pays attention to those disabled in conflict situations: providing physical rehabilitation to people injured by anti-personnel mines or by other types of explosive weapons, as well as in a large variety of other types of incident. Online documents include Support for life: physical rehabilitation programme

Training through Distance Learning: UNHCR has a website for the Asia-Pacific region with Distance Learning modules for emergency training in international humanitarian response: the-ecentre.

If this interests you, also download Distance Learning – Study Guide (9pp) from our library.


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