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environmentThe environment is our physical surroundings. This includes natural features like the soil, the atmosphere, vegetation and wildlife. Then there are human features – housing, transport and industry.  In some happy societies these co-exist well with the natural environment. Often, they do not.

The environment can be seen as our common wealth. Finally, many people are realizing that we do not become better off by constantly taking from it. Instead we get problems of environmental degradation that affect us all: global warming, soil erosion, acid rain…

Cultural and political systems have a big impact on attitudes to the environment. Valuing invisible heritage and indigineous knowledge can help improve local decision-making.

Making your NGO more 'environmentally friendly'

Your organisation has an impact on the environment. What you do may increase or decrease your 'Environmental Footprint'.

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The pressures on land use

The world has a limited amount of land available for growing food. And the available land has increasing demands put on it.

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Permaculture and sustainable farming resources

'Permaculture' combines the ideas of permanent agriculture and permanent culture.

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Food sovereignty

Food sovereignty refers to the right to produce food on one's own territory. This builds natural resistance to turbulent market forces.

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The importance of Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a small but growing movement that offers a progressive alternative to the conventional model of trade.

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Jon Anderson
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