Food sovereignty

Food sovereignty refers to the right to produce food on one's own territory. This builds natural resistance to turbulent market forces.

» The leading organisation is 'the international peasants movement', La Via Campesina.

» Food First keeps a blog on agroecology and sustainable food systems. They have PDF documents online, for example Cultivating Havana: Urban Agriculture and Food Security in the Years of Crisis – detailing one of the world's most successful urban agriculture programs.

» The African Biodiversity Network works on on Ecosystems and Community Resilience (ECR) and strengthens advocacy alliances. See their stories of positive change

» The African Centre for Biosafety campaigns against the genetic engineering, privatisation, industrialisation and corporate control of Africa's food systems and the commodification of nature and knowledge. It supports efforts towards food systems that are equitable and ecologically sustainable, built upon the principles of food sovereignty/agro-ecology. The ACB provides research, policy, analysis, advocacy and knowledge sharing.

» Declaration of Civil Society Organisations, concerning agricultural development and food security in Africa, from April 2012 (3-page PDF)


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