Gender: The Basics

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Access to Resources

folder Incorporating Gender into your NGO

How to Build a Good Small NGO


Gender Analysis Tool – Frameworks, tools and links to other sources (RTF, 6 pages)

Incorporating Gender into your NGO


Training packages on Gender Awareness and Gender and Development (PDF 1.4Mb) in English & Nepali.

Disaggregated Data

Filling the Data Gap; Gender-sensitive statistics for agricultural development – Also available in Arabic, French and Spanish. Click on the arrow picture at the bottom of the page to see the following pages.


The following two publications are available at

No country in the world treats its women as well as its men

Social Watch's Gender Equity Index (GEI) classifies 134 countries based on the dimensions of education, economic activity, and participation in political and economic decision-making.


Gender mainstreaming: Can it Work for Women’s Rights?

There are a number of publications at the World Bank's Tools for Mainstreaming Gender

Mainstreaming the gender perspective into all policies and programmes in the United Nations system

Gender mainstreaming manual – This guide aims to strengthen equality in communities by giving guidance for gender mentoring. It examines the nature of gender and gender equality, and analyses power relations within society.

Policy Development

Incorporating gender issues in the development of social protection policies and programmes

Gender policies and plans (PDF 388kb)


Various training modules at



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