Human Rights: The Basics

What are Human Rights?

Human rights are the rights a person has simply because he or she is a human being.

“Human rights are held equally and inalienable by all human beings. They are social and political guarantees necessary to protect individuals from the standard threats to human dignity posed by the modern state and modern markets” Jack Donnelly

Read the Declaration of Human Rights in English.
(Or, Declaration of Human Rights in 413 languages


Settled Communities

CISS, an NGO in West Kenya, works with local communities to understand their Rights and to accept that they can take control of change in their own community: CASE STUDY: Kenya

Recovering Human Rights

Some countries, even settled communities, may have gone through long periods of being dis-empowered.Cambodia is an example of a country which had years of terror under the Khmer Rouge. Ways of readjustment need to be found, in which  communities are educated to accept that they have Rights and that they can take action to make a difference.

Fahamu specialises in making training and information about social justice in Africa available via electronic media and workshops. One of its courses is on Human Rights.


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Maeve Moynihan
Human Rights & Inclusion Editor

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