Resources for vulnerable children

Are you working with children who have been through catastrophic events – wars, the effects of HIV/AIDS? Here are some effective resources:

ONE: Download "Interviewing & Counselling at the Grassroots" from our Library (it's in English, French or Somali). Check that you have used the suggestions and checklists in the following sections to ensure that all your staff have the skills they need:

2.1 – Making the Office Friendly & Private;
2.18 – Checklist to evaluate interviewing skills:
3.9 – Recognising problems in children:
3.10 – Helping children with problems:
4.1 – Checklist to evaluate Counselling skills:

TWO: Register with AIDS Alliance and get their CD package: “Support for Orphans & Other Vulnerable Children” (now also available for download online). If you type in children in the search bar, several other documents exist. 

Other useful publications:

THREE: Register with Strategies for Hope and download their pdf publication "The Child Within". This workbook is from a Christian perspective but can be useful for people from other cultures as well. In English, Portuguese, French & Swahili.

FOUR: SCF, Plan International and other organisations have a "NGO Child Protection Toolkit". This addresses - What is Abuse? - Policies and Procedures - and - Training - materials for workshops etc.




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