Making Manuals etc.

Making Manuals etc.Development workers at every level want to get good information to the people who need it. Imagine you find a good manual that is needed in the villages. It is in printed form but in the wrong language… or in a super-intellectual vocabulary that whistles over the heads of the user… or there is one example that you could copy but great sections are unnecessary because they cover the tropics and you work in the snowy tundra…

So think sideways. Find material that is copyright-free. Then print only the pages that are essential; translate; edit; get the illustrations re-done; if a colour is seen as unlucky, change it. Then test, test and test again. You are the author and the editor – every one of you.

Designing and writing for good communication

• Making manuals from scratch
• Getting the visuals right
• Adapting manuals to your culture
• Manuals for non-literates
• Writing
• Making an A4  Leaflet
• Making a Teaching Handout
• Testing your manual

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