"discussing how to find the money"

discussing how to find the moneyTo put it simply – money is the petrol that makes the car go.

In reality, most humans have a very difficult relationship with money. Most NGOs have a difficult relationship with money. Usually it is because they need more than they have.

Make it easier: become as informed as you can.

Money Skills: The Basics

Links to resources for finding the money and training in financial management.

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Money Skills: Library manuals


The following books are available for download from this site:

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Before you write that Email requesting Funding

Is you NGO looking for funding? Have you been – or will you be – sending out emails requesting money? Stop for a moment and consider how you do it.

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The Realities of Fundraising

During the process we describe here, we followed the lines of the folder Guide to Fundraising, which both of us helped to write. For any fundraiser, downloading and studying the guide is the first step.

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Our NGO SKILLS section gives some essential information and recommended links to more

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