The keys to effectively managing your NGO

ImageHere's a simple overview of everything you need to consider, with links to the articles in this section.

Organizational Management is…

Strategic planning

  • Vision, mission and objectives

See Managing the Vision

  • Activities

See Project Cycle Management

  • Sustainability

See Building Sustainability into your NGO

  • Incorporation of gender

See Managing the people (section 4)

  • Problem solving

See SWOTs & Strategic Plans

  • Conflict resolution

See Managing the people (section 3)

Human resource management

  • Human resources policy

See Checklist: a Human Resources policy for an NGO

  • People management

See Managing the people

  • Skills building

See Building skills in your NGO

Office management

See Managing the office

Financial management

See Managing the money


Our NGO SKILLS section gives some essential information and recommended links to more

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