Training & Learning

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Training & Learning

Continuous, self-directed learning for an NGO:

There is one job we all need to do – keep learning. If you do not believe this, think of how much has changed in our work over the last twenty years.

Perhaps the biggest change is the move towards partnerships – between donors and beneficiaries, managers and target groups, women and men, South and North.

Perhaps you agree with all this but do not know how to translate it into practice – so you need new skills.

Or you need more information about a group of beneficiaries – and you need skills to gather the information…

How do you organise continuous training?

1 Analyse
2 Training Courses
3 Mentor
4 Consultant
5 Manuals
Help and advice
7 Other services

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Training & Learning: Library manuals


The following relevant books are available for download from this site:

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Assessing a Training Component

National and international consultants are used for evaluations of projects and most have a thorough knowledge of their own specialism. Increasingly, though, projects have training components that also need assessing, even though the consultant is not really a trainer. This paper assumes that s/he is not very knowledgeable and could use a few suggestions.

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