Would you like to be a humanitarian/aid/development worker?

Try the following sites for vacancies.

Action Without Borders (
This organisation has a great listing of 'every nonprofit-oriented job site or directory we've found on the web'. Free daily email service.

Has a good jobs section with vacancies in the humanitarian field, news, maps and even satellite images delivered to your email address. Also have a look at 'Alerting Services' (link on the home page).

BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development)
BOND's jobs section lists current vacancies with British-based international development NGOs.

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Their job section focuses on opportunities for Canadian citizens but includes links to international NGOs based in Canada and general advice of wider interest.

Swiss-based organisation has a register of vacancies for information, counselling and training professionals. The site is in German, French, Italian and English.

Dev Net Jobs
Voluntary Initiative run through a team of remote volunteers based in both developing and developed countries. Lists jobs and consultancies in the international development, NGO and environment sectors. Free weekly email newsletter.

Development Executive Group's job list
A "membership organization serving firms, non-profit organizations, and individual professionals". You may become a member "by posting your profile in the largest directory of international development professionals in the world".

Internet service that provides international job announcements on various development fields.


Lists jobs in the development sector

Expats Network
Has an email service for NGO job opportunities.

Experience Development
Has a jobs section.

Global Focus Aotearoa
Formerly known as Dev-zone, a New Zealand-based specialist provider of information and education on global and development issues. Check the jobs database.

Guardian jobs
The British Guardian newspaper frequently lists humanitarian vacancies in its jobs section.

Spanish site with international jobs and volunteering opportunities.

Human Rights Job Board
Job announcements with human rights organisations around the world.

An alliance of US-based international development and humanitarian NGOs. You will find a jobs link on their home page.

For finding jobs in the international development sector.

Provides a specialist register of accountants, to work with NGOs in the field and at HQ, full-time or on a consultancy basis.

Microfinance jobs
For latest job offerings, search the Job Board. You can also subscribe to the free jobs bulletin. Contains links to organisations with internship openings within microfinance. The website is hosted by ELDIS.

Lists jobs in human rights, environment and sustainable development worldwide. The job openings database can be searched according to subject and country. You can subscribe to weekly job listings (free of charge).

RedR/IHE and Bioforce
Both these organisations maintain registers of qualified candidates whom aid agencies can recruit at short notice during an emergency.

The UN humanitarian hub, is perhaps the best-used site for jobs in emergency humanitarian relief with international agencies and NGOs. Search through the vacancies database and subscribe to the mailing list to receive automatic weekly notifications of new postings.

The Communication Initiative Vacancy service
Development jobs are listed in 23 categories.

The Economist
The Economist newspaper advertises senior jobs in relief and development organisations (not only for economists). Check The Economist's classifieds.

The University of Sussex
Has an enormous list of websites relevant to jobs in international development.

The US Foreign Policy Association
Their jobs section lists jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities in relief and development organisations. Offers free e-mail notification for new postings.

Tips for job interviews
Key tips on the subject: 34 questions you may be asked in the interview and 17 questions you may want to ask the interviewer.

Topica mailing list: expat_list
Mailing list for expatriate jobs in all sectors.

Gives an excellently laid-out list of jobs in UN agencies and other international organisations.

World Service Enquiry
Provides information and advice about working or volunteering for development.

Worldwide Volunteering Online
UK-based. Lists full-time volunteering opportunities from one week to two years, both in the UK and overseas.

Yellow Monday
A weekly newsletter from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in Sussex, including a listing of internal and external job vacancies in the development sector. It is available online or by email.

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