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How many of you are involved in the care of people at the end of their lives?

They may be 80 or 18. They may have cancer or AIDS or pneumonia. You want to help them, and their carers, to make the last months easier. You want them to have a good standard of physical, mental and spiritual care, with pain relief and medication. The name for all of this is Palliative Care. There is a World Association for Palliative Care ( Now they are making their resources more available in more languages.

Of special interest:

  1. Palliative Care Toolkit - Improving care from the roots up in resource limited settings. This was written to empower health workers in resource-poor settings to integrate palliative care into the work they are doing. (In Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin,  Russian  Swahili , French , Bengali)
  2. Training Manual for the Palliative Care Toolkit. This Training Manual was produced to accompany the Toolkit. It contains structures teaching modules and resources which can help others use the Toolkit. (In Spanish  Portuguese , Mandarin, Bengali)
  3. Advocacy Toolkit.This Toolkit highlights the key advocacy tools that are specifically of relevance to hospice and palliative care organisations who wish to develop their advocacy work. It also provides examples of how these tools have been used and have worked in practice. (Currently English Only)
  4. An introduction to resource mobilisation. This document provides information about effective fundraising. (Currently English only)