Are you writing – or planning to write – a Manual or a Case Study?

Then we would be very happy to hear from you.
It could be your NGO is coming to the end of a successful project, one where you monitored changes carefully and have the figures to show how you made a difference, putting you in a good position to write a Case Study.
Or maybe you have so much experience, plus the ability to distill it and the desire to share it – to write a manual along the lines of those in our library.
Then send us a short summary of your work – or tell us what you are planning.
But first ask yourself…

Are we working for the same purpose? Networklearning’s purpose is to make resources available, free, to NGOs working in the development or humanitarian fields. Our primary aim is to help individuals and local NGOs in Africa, Asia, South America and the ex-USSR. We do not concentrate on experts from the North working in the South because other websites have that remit.

Is the standard of your document good enough? And if not, are you prepared to re-write, do more research, or agree to a major editing of the English – whatever is necessary? (But if you never collected the statistics it is probably too late!)

Do you agree to the standard Terms of Use that applies to the manuals offered via our library?

We hope to hear from you.
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