We all Work in Development.

green dayBetween us all there is a huge body of experience. Together we know the different Development problems – and solutions.
There is one job we all need to do – keep learning.
And translate our new knowledge into skilled practice.
This site has been developed to help.

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labYour biggest donation is to self-evolve and to assist others to self-evolve
If you live in the Netherlands, or know someone in your network with a bank account there, you may make a (small) donation to support this work of the Foundation.
IBAN for Stichting Networklearning:
NL42 TRIO 0786 7785 04


networklearning.org is the creation of a group of volunteers with long-term experience in humanitarian and development work. We are an officially registered foundation in the Netherlands ('Stichting Networklearning').

Our mission: to be a network providing free access to skills and knowledge development that empower capacity building.
  • To develop and distribute, through Networklearning’s online Library, easily accessible, practical and field-oriented information, manuals and instruction materials.
  • To facilitate and encourage the getting of new knowledge and skills by making top quality manuals, training courses and other information materials available, easily and free of cost.
  • To link people to resources, organisations, other users, websites and materials.
  • To foster a network of learning and the exchange of knowledge, skills and information between users.
  • To keep people well informed and updated on new developments.
  • To develop and maintain links with other organisations striving for the same purpose.