The following relevant books are available for download from this site:

Tools for Behaviour Change:

so you want to be a father folder So you want to be a father…?
A leaflet designed to aid behaviour change

Farmers folder Farmers – Decision-making Game
Practice in planning and decision-making

folder AIDS – Awareness Game
For small groups led by a facilitator

folder Shedding Abuse – a course for Men who use Domestic Violence

folder Having Healthy Babies – an Educational “Snakes and Ladders” Game

folder Facts about Female Genital Mutilation

Work-books to improve skills:
Image folder Health Education for Behaviour Change – 29 pages of discussions and exercises

counselling folder Interviewing & Counselling at the Grass Roots – a manual for small groups in crisis countries

Improving NGO Worker behaviour:
If you help run an NGO and you have problems with workers and their behaviour, download our folder How to build a Good Small NGO , (Section B: Good People Management).

Chapter 13 is concerned with the motivation of development workers and section 8.11 is about solving the problems that develop between workers.