research-project_200pxOur newest manual,  Making a Research Plan, is now available for download.

A Research Project is a good way to extend your career, keep yourself from losing your sanity, and enhance your job prospects. After research training, your attitude to everything you do in life will change. To be of maximum benefit to your career it is best if your research is directly related to an essential part of your work. Others have done it – so can you! This booklet explains how to set about it in easy steps.

distance-education_2020_largeA new 5th edition of Bryan Walker’s plain-speaking, straightforward guide to the world of online learning is now available for folder download from our Library.

This book will help you plan your own study programme. It provides strategies to overcome problems, techniques to reinforce the learning process, and support for those wishing to embark on a research project.

PCM Somali titleGood project management is essential for being an effective NGO. The Somali version of our PCM manual,   folder Maareynta Wareega Mashruuca is now available for download in the library. Thanks to Abdinasir for this translation.

PCMProject Cycle Management (PCM) ensures that all aspects of a project are included in the management process.

Our newly revised short manual folder Managing the Project Cycle (21 pages) guides you clearly through the four phases of PCM.

tahribMany die in their attempts to reach the West, but Geeldoon lived to tell the tale. Since his safe return to Somaliland, he has set up a local organization to warn others of the dangers of tahriib (unregulated emigration) and encourage young people to build their futures at home instead.

We Kissed the Ground | Carrada Ayaan Dhunkannay offers the most extensive available account of tahriib and the brutal world of people trafficking.

elderlyNetworklearning’s newest manual aims to give carers – and their supervisors – greater insight into the work that they do for their older clients.

folder Caring for The Elderly: Best Practice in Person-centred Care includes examples from colleagues in the field and exercises for learning skills.

arabic-SWOTSWOT is a proven method for analysing your NGO’s Capacity and to successfully implement a strategic plan.

» folder Download from the Library

article-mentalhealth-somaliUnderstand the problem and how your NGO can offer a good package of help. Thanks to Abdinasir for this translation.

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workshop-arabic folder How to Run a Workshop is now available in Arabic. Thanks to Mubarak for this translation.

fgm-girlsThe Networklearning team is deeply concerned by this practice, which is more widespread than many realise. This short manual, with illustrations, gives a clear overview of what it is, when and why it happens – and what can be done to help.

Update August 2014:
Somali and Arabic editions also now available for download.

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caring-disabled-arabic HL  folder Caring for people with Physical Disabilities: Best Practice in Person-centred Care is now available in Arabic. Thanks to Mubarak for this translation.