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folder Better Ways to Succeed in Aid and Development Work

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More people are becoming employed by aid agencies as the frequency and complexity of emergency situations increase. Post-disaster development also requires international workers who are expert and experienced in relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction processes. While government, international and national agencies employ permanent staff, the random nature of humanitarian work means, inevitably, that many employees and consultants will be on short–term contracts. However willing, some people find it difficult to enter the humanitarian field while others will have to start searching for their next post almost as soon as they begin the current one.

This book is intended to help altruistic people enter humanitarian employment, and those who are already there to move on and upwards. To gain most from the ideas, you will need access to the Internet in order to explore and exploit the many web site addresses given.

Adi Walker, Bryan Walker and Richard Walker
3rd edition, July 2013.
Previously published as 'Better Ways to Find Humanitarian Employment' (2008) and as 'A Guide to Voluntary and Humanitarian Work' (2009).