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Few recent educational trends have caught on quite like online education, which is rising at a staggering rate. The hundreds of free courses offered by elite universities seem to herald a future in which world-class education becomes available to anyone with a reasonable broadband connection and a desire to learn. A recent survey found that enrolment in online education enjoys a 21% growth rate, compared with the two per cent in higher education. Many appropriate courses are now available for career climbers, humanitarians and hobby followers.

This book will help you plan your own study programme, provide strategies to overcome problems and give you techniques to reinforce the learning process. Website addresses are provided to help you start and develop your programme.

The last part of the book is directed to those who wish to embark on a research project. This may be for general interest, for publication, or for registration for a postgraduate degree. The author has wide experience in all these fields.

This expanded 4th edition includes Twelve Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free.

Keywords: distance education, open learning, self-studies, modules, professional registration, research methods, open postgraduate degrees, on-line studies.

Bryan Walker
4th edition, September 2014
61 pages (A5 size)