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Funding for self-employment
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Funding for self-employment of people with disabilities (.pdf)

Grants, loans, revolving funds or linkage with microfinance programmes

In 2005, Handicap International commissioned a study on the practices of funding for self-employment activities of people with disabilities (PWD), with a special focus on access to microfinance. The overall goal of the study was to produce a framework document highlighting good practices, strategies, tools and operational methods that guarantee the efficiency and sustainability of self-employment projects for PWDs.
This paper summarises the findings and good practices as presented in the framework document, based on the results of a literature review, a survey and field research.
It is not a scientific paper, i.e. it doesn’t contain a discussion of the literature reviewed or systematic reference to sources, as it is primarily meant for ‘practitioners’.

Ton de Klerk, First published in the Lepr Rev (2008) 79, 1–18