ImageOur brand new Organizational Management skills section gives the lowdown on all you need to know about running a good ship. Strategic planning… Human resource management… Office management… Financial management…

It's all covered in a clear overview and 10 key articles that contain the essential info, plus examples and links to the best materials on the web – to ensure you are building your NGO on the soundest principles.

What else is new?

  • Flagship manuals in French: Our manual on incorporating Gender into your NGO is now available, as "Inclusion de la dimension genre dans votre ONG", from our library. And the translation of our core publication "How to Build a Good Small NGO" is already in its second edition: "Comment Construire une Bonne Petite ONG".
  • More resources to alleviate Poverty: Our updated Poverty & income Generation section includes Value chain development, Microfinance and The Rural Finance Landscape. Read Nicolien Wassenaar's short overview of the subject.
  • Tidbits: Last but not least, our chairperson and spider at the centre of the web Maeve Moynihan has started keeping a little 'blog' of items that prick her interest.

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