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Author James Kennedy is a Master of Architecture in Human Settlements. He has a wealth of experience of working with refugees and constructing camps in Africa and Asia.

Millions of refugees and displaced people live in camps yet relatively few texts focus on camp design. This excellent interdisciplinary thesis draws on experiences from many countries and develops a tool that can be applied in refugee camps, or adapted for camps for other categories of displaced people where the lifespan of the camp is undetermined.

The short-term nature of many humanitarian contracts can lead to ‘wheel rediscovery’. Dr James Kennedy has demonstrated the importance of recording data while on different postings in several countries and developing ideas and tools for testing. The conclusions can be recorded for permanence and submitted for a higher degree. This significant model could well be adopted by other humanitarians.

(N.B. The first two pages are in Dutch: the rest of the document is in English).

James Kennedy