BRIDGE is a specialised gender and development research and information service, with various publications on disability.


Oxfam's Gender Equality in Schools (11pp PDF) discusses the content and delivery of education – curriculum, teaching and learning, and the dynamics of the classroom and school – and how these reflect and reproduce gender inequalities. It recommends changes needed to ensure that education provision will promote gender equality. Also in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Human Rights

UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women.

The arguments for comprehensive reproductive care are based on public health concerns, human rights, equity and social justice. See WHO's reproductive health section or the Primary Health Care section on this site.

See also the Human Rights & Inclusion section on this site.

Peace and Security

folder Gender-aware Disarmament looks at countries emerging from conflict: “women play essential roles in disarming, demobilising and reintegrating, yet are almost never included in the planning or implementation of these processes”.

Refugees & IDPs

A fact sheet (2pp PDF) on women in the disaster process including vulnerability, response, and the need for gender analysis

Displaced women and girls at risk: risk factors, protection solutions and resource tools (56 PDF).
This paper aims to clarify risks leading to displacement, risk factors during displacement and risks that inhibit safe and sustainable return. The authors look at protection solutions in the context of displacement and in situations of return. Tools are presented for assessing risks and for identifying good field practices that reduce the risks displaced and returnee women and girls confront.


Gender at Work is an international collaborative that helps organizations to build cultures of equality and social justice, with a focus on gender equality.

Gender and trade

There are various articles at ilo.org, the International Labour Organization