Tools for Self Reliance is a UK-based organisation who works with local partners to relieve poverty in Africa by supporting people with the skills they need to set up their own busines. It funds business skills and technical training in trades such as carpentry, welding, bicycle repair and bricklaying in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Zambia and Malawi. It puts refurbished tools and sewing machines into the hands of people who really need them. 

Bees for Development promotes sustainable beekeeping as a means of alleviating poverty and promoting biodiversity. It runs practical, community-based projects whose principal activities are the development, funding and support of locally-run, self-sustaining education initiatives and supporting market access.

Homestead catfish culture in Bangladesh: An example of empowering the poorest of the poor. Instead of providing money or other means to acquire resources to generate income, the project found a way to generate income with the resources available to these poorest people. In Bangladesh, most poor people can work, have access to land on which their shack is built, what the area (or fields) around it can provide, and water. An income-generating activity making optimal use of these resources is homestead catfish culture.