Healthy finances are 'mission-critical' for NGOs – the important questions and resources that will help you.

NGOs need to:

  1. plan and train,

  2. find money for current and future projects, and

  3. use accurate and transparent accounting.

Ask yourselves the following Questions:
  • Does your NGO have an overall plan for financial management – managing the money being one part?

  • Is there a strategy for fundraising, advocacy and networking?

  • Have you considered the strategy of finding many small contributors within the community?

  • Does the NGO have good skills in transparent budgeting and accounting?

Top Resources:

We strongly recommend Mango’s Financial health check, which helps you see how healthy the financial management is in your NGO. Available in various languages.

Then get their “Guide to Financial Management for NGOs” available in various languages.

Mango also offer a simple accounting system based on Excel. This gives you tools and a link to an experienced group who also offer opportunities for training.

Other Resources:

» See our sectionMoney Skills: Library manuals

» See all of Mango’s free resources, including Top tips.

» CIVICUS (, an international development group, have a number of relevant toolkits including Budgeting and Financial Accountability.