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Many of you now have smart mobile phones with apps. For health workers, these technologies are very promising; faced with a client with a problem they can send and get important information. Hesperian (brilliant organisation) is developing this area and now offer a Safe Pregnancy and Childbirth mobile app for iPhones.

Once downloaded onto an iPhone, the information can be accessed from the most remote communities, with no Internet connection required. The app is “the only comprehensive app on pregnancy and birth developed specifically for low-resource settings. Life-saving information is presented in clear, accessible language rich with illustrations, and an intuitive and friendly navigation—perfect for working with community health workers or midwives with varied literacy levels.” Download for free from the iTunes Apple Store.

Hesperian is also developing the Hesperian Digital Commons – Health education resources in 26 languages, including HealthWiki in 10 languages, well suited for slow or intermittent networks and the Health Materials Workshop that allows health workers to create their own flyers and posters using Hesperian source text and images.