Dear Friends and colleagues in the Middle East and North Africa,

Are you working in an Arab-speaking NGO?
…wishing to look critically at how well you are doing?

We have some good manuals in Arabic for you!


Written by Networklearning and translated by the Beirut office of the National Democratic Institute are:

folder How to Build a Good Small NGO
(Because it is a big document, you can also download it in three sections)



folder Incorporating Gender into your NGO

Localized by Networklearning:

folder NGO Self-assesment through a SWOT exercise

folder How to Run a Workshop

folder Facts about Female Genital Mutilation

folder Caring for People with Physical Disabilities: Best Practice in Person-centred Care

folder Beginner’s Guide to NGO Financial Capacity

folder An Introduction to Human Rights in the Middle East & North Africa – a Guide for NGOs

folder Interviewing and Counselling at the Grass Roots

folder Refugees from MENA to Northern Europe: Pressures & Solutions

folder Key Information Sheet: Conflict Matters

folder Key Information Sheet: Advocacy

folder Finding Mental Health after Conflict

folder Simple Devices to Assist the Physically Disabled

Also by Networklearning, with volunteer translators:

folder A Guide to Fundraising arabic-fundraising
(with thanks to Maytham Al Zubaidi and Asmaa Gillespie)

Colleagues in the Arab world have carried out a study into issues and useful approaches in the field of Domestic Violence. The resulting folder report is now available in PDF form from our library.

   folder Gender-Sensitive Indicators in Arabic, co-produced by the World Bank is available in PDF form from our library.

Another manual, produced by another NGO, will help you look at your money:
Mango's "Financial Health Check", also in Arabic.

Hesperian have a number of their manuals now translated into Arabic:

  • “Where there is no Doctor”
  • “Where Women have no Doctor”
  • ”Where there is no Dentist”
  • ”Special Education”
  • ”Disabled Village Children”

For the above titles, contact Ghanem Bibi 
Arab Resource Collective (ARC) Beirut
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. web:

  • “Helping Health Workers Learn”

Contact Abd Ilah Hussein 
Institute for Arab Research 
P.O. Box 13-5057
 (Chouran) Beirut, LEBANON 
Tel: 810055/6

  • “Helping Children Who Are Blind”

Contact Ashraf Mahrous, 
P.O. Box 156
, 76th Street #12 ,
El Mukattam, Cairo, 11571 
Tel: 00202 25084152 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Tactics in Human Rights offers "A Resource for Practitioners" in Arabic, a collection of 100 stories of successful tactics used for human rights work all over the world – from prevention tactics to intervention tactics, restorative tactics to those that building human rights cultures and institutions.

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Let us know…

  • which manuals you need next in Arabic
  • about good websites to which we could link.

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