Conflict MattersConflict. We come across it all the time – because it can occur whenever people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, needs, desires…

The good news is that engaging with conflict in a healthy way can help resolve intractable issues and clear the air. Our handy 3-page Key Information Sheet, Conflict Matters, clearly explains.

NetworkingAnother Key Information Sheet – on 'Networking' – has recently been translated into Arabic by our colleague Asmaa Gillespie.

> Networklearning's folder Key Information Sheets

HomosexualityHomosexuality is an issue with the potential to confuse or even provoke irrational response. Basic, clear information can help here, too. So we have produced a no-frills 12-page publication to give the straight folder Facts about Homosexuality .

We also welcome to our library the guest publication folder Better Ways to Stay Healthy in Asian Tropics , by our experienced colleague Bryan Walker.