The following relevant books are available for download from this site:

Principles & Practice:
Image folder The Principles & Practice of Primary Health Care
A concise overview including: • The common pattern of need • The key principles of PHC • Curative care • Static PHC programmes • Interventions to improve nutrition • Health promotion • Prevention & control of common local diseases • Water, sanitation & waste disposal

folder Caring for People with Physical Disabilities: Best Practice in Person-centred Care
People who need care want to be the centre of their own lives. If you are a carer, this manual suggests ways of looking at your work to see if you are doing it well and in what ways it could be improved.

Health Care Management:
Good Management of people, drugs and money are essential for good Primary Health Care. An excellent manual, folder On Being in Charge , is available from our site, courtesy of WHO.

Management principles are also covered in folder How to Build a Good Small NGO :

  • the Management cycle and Community Involvement are covered in Section A
  • People Management is covered in Section B
  • Financing is covered in Section D

Download folder Teaching for Better Learning if you are planning to teach health care staff.

Also available:

folder Interviewing & Counselling at the Grass Roots

folder How to Run a Workshop

folder Incorporating Gender into your NGO

folder A TBA manual – and How to Adapt it to your local culture

folder The Project Cycle – A Teaching Module

folder Good Health Begins at Home – a Guide for Literacy Tutors

folder Testing and Evaluating Manuals

Community Involvement in Water Management Project (Online case study)