The following relevant books are available for download from this site:

folder Better Ways to Prepare for Emergencies

A simple introduction and guide (49 pp)

folder Refugees from MENA to Northern Europe: Pressures & Solutions

Your legal Rights and Obligations and practical approaches to assist them in surviving and adapting (34 pp)

folder An Introduction to Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons

Self-help manual (72 pp)

folder The Application of Sphere Standards in Camp Design: A Simulation

Exercise designed for an Introduction to Sphere Workshop (6 pp)

folder Structures for the Displaced: Service and Identity in Refugee Settlements

Interdisciplinary thesis that draws on experiences from many countries and develops a tool that can be applied or adapted (271 pp)

folder Better Ways to Succeed in Aid and Development Work

A book to help altruistic people enter humanitarian employment – and those who are already there to move on and upwards (164 pp)